Fourth Grade PEAK


Special Announcement:

We have a class Slogan: We climb to the PEAK of Learning. Your child is invited to create a trademark or illustration for this slogan for our class contest. If your child wants to participate in the class contest, please have him/her turn it in by next Wednesday! We have already had a few submissions.



    • We reviewed how to use online encyclopedias. Students practiced finding information using key words.
    • We reviewed databases vs. the world wide web ---ask your child if he/she remembers the analogy we used! (Hint –ocean). We also discussed questions we need to ask to protect ourselves when using the world wide web.
    • Students took a note-taking quiz. I have included a short "screen cast" on our note taking process so you can better understand our objective and purpose.
    • Today we built background knowledge on possible humanitarians to study --- students looked at websites & books and took notes highlighting the humanitarians impact on humanity.


Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: Students are busy taking notes. Each student started a Padlet to take notes online. This "pad" can be accessed at school and home. Students did a great job taking notes on their topic. Everyone is so focused! Next week we will learn how to write an essential question to drive our research.
  • Math: We learned our math procedure (record keeping) and solved math problems! Everyone worked hard!
  • Science: Today we conducted our first science experiment. Our focus is to learn the scientific method through application. Today's testable question: Will a larger or smaller ball bounce higher? Ask your child the results!

Critical Thinking Words this week: Clarity and Accuracy

Technology Buzz:

Google Drive:
  • Students are actively using their Chrome books
  • We have organized our Google Drives
  • Practiced sharing and saving documents
  • Bookmarked important websites
  • When student email is available, we will begin Google Classroom. This will allow me to send assignments directly to students and students will electronically submit the assignment to me upon completion.


  • Online note taking application used during Topic Study