Henderson's Boys: The escape

Project by Dalton Anderson for Ms. Pulidos 8th reading class


The story begins in the summer of 1940, inside France. Hitlers' war machine is slowly moving through, and will soon be in Paris, the capital. There are thousands of bodies, refugees, and tonnes of rubble lying the streets. Daily air raids are now common.


Paris is now the front line of war in WW2, and the Nazi army is presumed to be taking it soon. Marc, an orphan boy on a farmland had just received a whipping for pushing a young girl into a manure well. Then, the story travel to Paul, in which his father Digby had just come to pick him up form school with his sister Rosie. They travel to their apartment, where a German spy was waiting. The spy ends up dead, and The trio starts to travel to the coast of France, but have to stop near Paris. Now back to Marc, he is being taunted for being whipped, but then an air raid soon disrupts it, and all the orphans rush outside to see the action that just unfolded. Marc uses this to steal a bike, money, and food, and starts to escape. After travelling, both parties get into Paris, however Digby died form an air raid, and his kids travel to the city of Tours. Marc stays back, and lives in a random house with no one in there. The gestapo, German spies, invade Marcs' "house", hoping that their target, Charles Henderson was still there. He wasn't, but Paul and Rosie call the house after looking through some of their fathers documents, and seeing Hendersons' name pop up. The gestapo torture Marc, and leave, travelling towards the kids to receive the stolen plans that their father had. Henderson returned to his home to find a knocked out Marc. Marc convinces Henderson to let him join, seeing as he has nothing else to really live for. After that, it's a race to get to the kids first.


Charles Henderson

Slightly taller than the average height, he has dark hair and is very handsome. He became a spy after an argument with his CO in the navy. He can speak 5 languages, and perfectly mimic dialect. He loved the thrill of a chase, and is very cautious.

Authors Theme

The author's theme is Henderson's Boys : The escape is that unlikely companions can help you get through an obstacle. i picked this because Marc, the orphan boy in this story, helped Henderson find his dead colleagues kids who had plans for the war.