By : Atharva Gujrathi


Followers of Judaism are called Jews. The Sabbath for Judaism is Friday evening to Saturday evening. The Torah contains of the ancient Hebrews and the Hebrew land. It is the law of God. The goal of Judaism is to live a good life according to the laws of the Torah. The Kosher allows only certain types of foods to be eaten according to the Torah. Bar/Bat Mitzvah is the special day when kids turn into adults (13 years). The Jews worship in a Synagogue. The worship leader is called the Rabbi. The Holy Book is called the TaNaKh, which has three parts - the most important part is called the Torah. Some holidays that Jews celebrate are Rosh Hashanah , which is the Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur, which is the celebration of the end of fasting, Passover, which is when the Jews were liberated from Egyptian slavery, and Hanukkah, the festival of lights. The Holy Place for Jews is the Holy Temple (first Jewish Temple) in Jerusalem.

View of God

The three religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all believe in the God of Abraham.

They are all also monotheistic religions, which means they all believe in one, invisible god.

When Judaism was founded.

Judaism was founded around 2000 - 1800 BCE by a Shepard named Abraham who believed in one, invisible god. it's place of origin is Canaan. Judaism has now around 14 million followers.

Pictures of Jewish Culture

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