A life in shambles is just one syringe away.

About Heroin:

Heroin comes in few forms and has many names. it's street names include H, horse, tar, black, smack, and a few others. When used illegally, it can come in a couple forms. Most commonly, it is found as a liquid and is injected directly through a needle. Other forms include a white crystalline powder known as "Pure Heroin", and a type that is smokable.

Effects of Heroin:

Heroin has many long-term and short-term effects. No matter what form, it will damage your body. Short term effects include intense euphoria (Extensive and intense happiness or contentment), alertness, drowsiness, dryness of the mouth, warm or flushing skin, slowed breathing, and muscular weakness. Long term effects can be addiction, tolerance, dependence, pneumonia, infection in the heart valves and heart lining, collapsed blood veins, and decreased liver function. Yeah, Heroin is a nasty drug.

Why You Should Think Twice:

First of all, thinking twice (and making the correct decision, for that matter) will save your life. It will keep you from turning your life upside down before it kills you. Even if "everyone is doing it" and it may seem "cool" it isn't. you will lose respect, money, family, and everything you ever had. And most of all your life. I can't stress that enough.