teen safety

And how to be safe online

cell phones

While they can be a good thing do not give your phone number to a stranger. Also don't text and drive and also don't let it stop you from sleeping also cell phones can be hacked and they can get viruses. So be careful with cell phones and then they are a great thing.

social media

Even though social media can be fun it can also be dangerous don't talk to people that seem scary and don't talk to strangers. Also on most social medias there is a private setting and block setting.


Passwords are the first line of defense against cyber criminals. It’s crucial to pick strong passwords that are different for each of your important accounts and it is good practice to update your passwords regularly.Choosing the same password for each of your online accounts is like using the same key to lock your home, car and office – if a criminal gains access to one, all of them are compromised. So don’t use the same password for an online newsletter as you do for your email or bank account. It may be less convenient, but picking multiple passwords keeps you safer.

online shopping

Help protect your online transactions by using firewall, antivirus, and anti spyware software. Encrypt your wireless connection at home. Keep all software (including your web brow Strong passwords are easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. They are at least 14 characters long (the longer the password, the better) and include numbers, symbols, and upper- and lower-case letters) current with automatic updates.
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identity theft

Did you get a notice that says a company lost your personal information in a data breach? Did you lose your wallet? Or learn that an online account was hacked?What can you do to keep your personal info secure? Are identity protection services worth the cost? What about credit freezes?Local police can help identity theft victims by: helping them file a police report Credit bureaus and other businesses often require that identity theft victims provide a police report to remove fraudulent debts.
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Remember when games were played outside and Pac Man was considered high-tech? Today, it is difficult to distinguish the visuals in an online game from real life. Kids no longer need to go to the arcade to play video games against other kids. The web allows children to play video games with friends around the block or strangers around the world. Kids and adults from all over the globe can now convene in cyberspace to compete in online martial arts matches or band together for a fantasy quest. But, as games become more realistic and playing partners can be anonymous strangers, several concerns have emerged of which parents should be aware.
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Any sexual image of a person seventeen years old or younger is considered child porn. Therefore, if you’re in high school or younger, you can be charged for distributing child pornography for sending sexual photos of yourself or others.Any sexual image of a person seventeen years old or younger is considered child porn. Therefore, if you’re in high school or younger, you can be charged for distributing child pornography for sending sexual photos of yourself or others.
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online safety

could we live without our smartphones, laptops, and other devices that allow us to go online? That's how most of us keep in touch with friends and family, take pictures, do our homework, do research, find out the latest news, and even shop.besides the millions of sites to visit and things to do, going online offers lots of ways to waste time — and even get into trouble. And just as in the non-cyber world, some people you encounter online might try to take advantage of you, steal your personal information, or harass or threaten you (called cyberbullying).
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An unpatched machine is more likely to have software vulnerabilities that can be exploited.Sophos is available as a free download for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux from IS&T's software page. When installed, the software should be set to scan your files and update your virus definitions on a regular basis.Backing up your machine regularly can protect you from the unexpected. Keep a few months' worth of backups and make sure the files can be retrieved if needed. Learn more about TSM and how to backup your system
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digital footprint

Every day, whether we want to or not, most of us contribute to a growing portrait of who we are online; a portrait that is probably more public than we assume.

This portrait helps companies target content at specific markets and consumers, helps employers look into your background, and helps advertisers track your movements across multiple websites. Whatever you do online, you might be leaving digital footprints behind.

So no matter what you do online it’s important that you know what kind of trail you’re leaving, and what the possible effects can be.

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