La Purisima Concepcion

By Giovanny Moreno.

Mission History

Mission La Purisima Concepcion built in 1787. Mission La Purism Concepcion is number 11. The Indians tribe was the Chumash. The founder of the mission was Fray Serra. The important dates in mission history. 1804 brought material success. 1812 year of the earthquake. 1815 inside were room for the fria to live in guest rooms. 1817 the water system was improved. Official church century 1821.

Daily life at the mission

The Chumash Indians lived there. Fray La Serra was in charge. The Chumash Men did leather craft ,woodcraft ,and farming. The Chumash Women prepare food,made candles,soap,and clothing. They grew peas, beans, peach, olives, and corn. There were no school. There was a church, other buildings, and free time.


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Mission Today

Mission La Purisima Concepcion is open today. There is no church, and no museum.


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