Much Ado About Nothing

By: William Shakespeare


Benedick: The actor I have chosen to play the role of Benedick is Ryan Reynolds. With his good looks and witty personality, there is no doubt he can persue this role. His hilarious comments make him a perfect character to play Benedick

Hero: While Hero was accused for being unfaithful to Claudio, the actress best suited to take on her role is Kristen Stewart. At one point she had cheated on Robert Pattinson so it will be easier for her to get into character.

Don John: Everybody hates the antagonist of a story and nobody can play this role better than the modern day antagonist, Kanye West. Having belittled the lives of Taylor Swift and other artist, ruining the lives of other fictional characters should be a piece of cake.



Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River (Official)


While the whole scenario of Hero cheating on Claudio was planned out and a big lie in itself, the characters, however, did not know of this. Claudio believes hero has been lying to him and being unfaithful like in the song, a girl is caught cheating as well. The deceitfulness of Don John leads to Claudio calling Hero out without questioning first just like in that song "you don't have to say what you did, i already know, i found out from him." It also leads to Hero fainting or "crying a river" to end up lying once again and faking her death. This song is about lying which easily helps tie in the theme of lying and deceit in the play.