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What are atoms?

Atoms are the building blocks of the Universe! They are the smallest unit of everything. Nothing can get tinier than an atom.

What makes and atom?

Atoms have 3 parts. Neutrons, protons, and electrons. Neutrons have a neutral charge and are located in the nucleus, protons have a positive charge and are located in the nucleus, and electron have a negative charge and are located in the electron cloud. Electrons circle around the outside of an atom.

What do atoms do?

Atoms come together to make molecules and elements.

What's the charge of an atom?

When doing the charge of an atom it is important to remember you add all the charges of neutrons, protons, AND electrons. For example, 0= 6, - = 2, += 3. Since, electrons are NEGATIVE you takeaway from the POSITIVE, protons. So it would be POSITIVE 3 takeaway 2, or, POSITIVE 3 plus NEGATIVE 2. Which would equal the same thing, and since neutrons are neutral or zero, you don't add anything because they equal zero. Ex. 0= 6, - = 2, += 3.

0 + 3 + -2 = 1 is the charge of the atom.

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