Computer Systems

Input, Output, Process, Storage.

Computer System

A computer system is a working running computer. It is a system that runs on a computer. A computer system is able to take a set of inputs, process them and create a set of outputs. This is done by a combination of hardware and software.

Input, Output, Process, Storage.

An input is something that is put into a computer (memory stick) a microphone (a speaker) In this instance, the microphone is the input and the speaker is the output.

USB, Charger and a earphone

An output is the opposite of a input. For example, a speaker is the output.

Screen, speaker, printer and projector.

A process is a programme that is running on a computer or a smartphone. This could be a spell checker or a software app such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Storage is when you store all your content from your computer or smartphone. The storage is measured GB or MB and there may be many more. You can get a wide range of storage options such as 16 to 64GB on a IPad.

Some examples of input, output, storage and process

How It works:

How it works:

An input (USB) is put into a computer the screen (output) brings up all your work) During that time your work is being sent through a processor is reading your information to make sure its safe.

Input: USB

Output: Computer screen

Processor: Reading your information.