Beautycounter for TARGET

Yes, your local Target! Limited-Time ONLY!


When Target wants to partner with your say YES!

So...for a limited time, you can find 12 unique product offerings and 5 sets specially created for Target, based on some of Beautycounter’s favorite products.

Want to know if your nearest Target will carry Beautycounter? Go to and search by your state and city. Then...RUN to Target because these products are sure to sell out.

I encourage you ALL to try the Beautycounter for Target products, they range in price from $12-$39. There will be a "gift with purchase" code enclosed with EACH product. Go to to redeem your FREE GIFT from Beautycounter!

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Target is a HUGE opportunity to expand our reach with Beautycounter, however, I still need your help. I'm looking to get out of my own backyard and get into yours... the further away, the better! Book a LIVE or ONLINE social with me this fall and I'll be sending you a special Beautycounter treat in addition to all your hostess rewards (FREE and 50% off products!). With all the attention and brand awareness that Target is bringing Beautycounter, this is the perfect time to host your own social. I have open dates that I can't wait to fill with a mini-vaca to your city (or your computer screen)!

In addition, send me a referral of someone who may be interested in our incredible business opportunity and enjoy any FREE product of your choice!