Shiloh Mini Scoop

October 22nd, 2022

Trees at Clubhouse


We will have arborists in the neighborhood on Monday (10/25)working on the trees in the clubhouse area. The canopies of the trees will be strategically trimmed to let more sunlight on to the newly seeded areas of grass.

Belmont and Crofton Entrance

- Landscaper notified us that our fescue grass at the entrances to Belmont and Crofton is a mess due to Army worm infestation that is particularly bad this year.

- We have long-standing issues with water flow problems at the Belmont entrance and we are working with the County to identify mitigation options.

- Landscaper reseeded the affected area and said we could see some improvement in the next few weeks.

The Landscaper is providing us the costs of two options to improve the Belmont entrance grass:

(1) Replace mud with artificial turf

(2) Resod with Zoysia as more resistant in that area. This will hopefully help with the mud runoff.

In parallel with obtaining quotes for the above two options, we are investigating potential solutions to the water flow issues at the Belmont entrance to help identify the best long-term solution.