The Friday File

September 19, 2014

Nashua Mission

Students will be provided an appropriate learning environment, which supports them academically, physically, esthetically, socially, and emotionally. This environment will give each child the opportunity to develop to the fullest potential and promote life long learning. The achievement of high educational standards at Nashua Elementary School will involve the entire school community.

Upcoming Events

September Events

Sept. 23

5:00-8:00 p.m. Wendy's Night

All Data Entered into Data Director and Aimsweb

Sept. 24

K, 1st, 2nd PST PLT

11:00-on HS out for Administrator Meetings

Sept. 25

Double Starbucks

5-8:30 p.m. 4th/5th grade Track Meet at Staley

Sept. 26

Fire Drill TBA

Pay Day Treats

LS out AM-Matt Glover

KG out PM-Matt Glover

TM out in AM-Reading Meeting

HS out PM

Sept. 29

HS out all day

Oct. 1

7:45 a.m. BLT meets in Learning Lab

TBA Shelter in Place

Oct. 3

Spirit Day

PBS video

Instructional Calendars due to HS

PLT Updates

Week of Sept. 22: PST

Week of Sept. 29: Number Talks Module

Week of Oct. 6: Project Units to Include CFAs

Week of Oct. 13: Continue Projection

Week of Oct. 20: Off for P/T conferences

Stukey's Quote of the Week

12 Things all Successful People Do

1. Boldly fail

2. Set goals

3. It's not always about luck

4. Carefully track your progress

5. Don't wait to act

6. Connect the dots

7. Harness your confidence

8. Commit

9. Be alert

10. Persevere

11. Communicate like a pro

12. Display humility

September Birthdays

2nd Angie

5th Jerilee

7th Deb

16th Robert

17th Taylor

24th Lis

26th Vanessa

27th Julie

Focus Lesson

  • Connection - Teacher explicitly states learning target. Yesterday I taught you (standard/skill/strategy) today I will teach you (standard/skill/strategy) by....Teacher does the talking.. Teacher explains relevance of the teaching point
  • Teach- Teacher thinks aloud, models, or demonstrates. Teacher shows the students how and the teacher does the talking
  • Active Involvement- Students briefly try using language from the "teach" component. Teacher listens while students practice
  • Link- Teacher clearly states expectation for independent work time. May state expectation for share time or conferences
    Reminders - Be aware of the question/answer trap. Remember that this is a time to model and demonstrate thinking about reading. Your teaching point should be directly tied to your Learning Target and linked to what students will independently practice. In math, the components may vary slightly in order but should still be present.

Number Talks

Number Talks should focus solely on mental math strategies. There are a few instances on the sample Number Talks from the summer (linked to the IAG) where we suggest tools or manipulatives for students. We will likely not “correct” the posted documents so please communicate this to teachers and we will keep this in mind moving forward.

Remember to focus on the standards within the unit rather than a specific End-of-Unit assessment item when they are developing a pre-assessment and planning for instruction.

Area of Focus Reminder

Once we have met for the Area of Focus don't forget to Save and Submit your form. This will complete that portion of the process!

5 Steps for Data Teams

Collect and Chart Data

Analyze Strengths and Obstacles

Establish goals: set, review, revise

Select Instructional Strategies

Determine Results Indicators


Thank you so much for the great conversations this week during PLTs. The focus on moving instruction forward was awesome! I look forward to continuing the work we have started!!!!

Effective vs. Ineffective Instructional Practices


Often allow students to work together to solve problems.

Express belief in each student.

Allow for lots of structured student discussion during the learning process.

Deal with student misbehavior in a private manner.

View and use textbooks as resources and teaching tools.

Refuse to give up on any student.

Accept and welcome change as a necessary part of growth.

Plan detailed lessons designed to maximize critical thinking, learning, and engagement.

Enjoy a positive, friendly rapport with students.

Focus on student strengths.

Use lots of hands-on learning activities

Test what is taught in the same way that it has been taught.

Constantly seek to learn new and better ways to teach.

Do whatever it takes to help a student succeed.

Collaborate with co-workers in order to improve effectiveness.

Appear calm and professional at all times.


Act as though teaching is a chore.

Begin lesson by saying, "Open your book to page ______"

Often speak of students with disapproval.

Include "surprise" items on test-items students did not know would be on the test.

Embarrass students in front of peers.

Use lots of worksheets

Engage in power struggle with students.

Technology Updates from Andi

I just want to remind you that the staff website for NKCSchools is not It’s

If you haven’t done so already, BOOKMARK this link to find access to tools you may need throughout this year.

SMARTER Balanced Assessment

The preliminary blueprint from DESE states:

3rd ELA 44 items tested

3rd MA 31 items tested

4th ELA 44 items tested

4th MA 31 items tested

5th ELA 44 items tested with a writing performance event

5th MA 31 items tested with a performance event

5th SC 60 items tested

Thank you to...

Polly, Margie, Carol, Catherine, and Jerilee for attending the September PTA meeting!

Math Unit Assessments

Once your class has completed the math unit assessment, make a copy of the front page of each students test and place those copies in my mailbox. I will work to get those entered into Data Director!