Taylor Media Center News

December 2022

Lizzy Update

Besides "Will you help me find this book?" one of the most frequently asked questions I hear is "Where is Lizzy?" Lizzy is a busy pup. First of all she is growing fast! She is already 34 pounds. Lizzy is a typical puppy in that she wants to put everything in her mouth. She enjoys chasing her sister (Casey, my 16-year-old miniature Jack Russel terrier) around the house, walking about two miles a day, chasing her tennis ball, and getting treats. She begins her "big girl" training on December 1. I will keep you posted on how the training is going, but I have been told that she will be walking off leash after the first session. She is such a good girl!

Season's Readings

The library media students have helped create some cute displays around the media center. Please be sure to check them out. The featured books in the center of the library include books about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Be sure to check out a great read from the media center. Don't get snowed in without a book!
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Mrs. Worl's Book Report

Do you like scary movies? Rachel and her new friends are obsessed with them. I read The Mary Shelley Club by Goldy Moldavsky which is an Eliot Rosewater High School Book Award Nominee. In this book, Rachel, the main character is attacked in the Prologue. (Don't skip it!) After the attack, she changes schools and has a hard time fitting in. After falling victim to a mean prank, she discovers a secret club with strange rules. Will she pass the Fear Test? Will Rachel overcome her past? Read this book to find out.

New Book Shelf

Please be sure to check out the New Book Section (located between the back entrance to the nurse's office and the pillar). This shelf contains books that have yet to be checked out. Great for germaphobes, these books include fiction, graphic novel, and nonfiction genres. This shelf is updated monthly, so make a habit of looking over the new titles.
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