Book By: Jeff Probst

By: Evan Fayas


The book Stranded by Jeff Probst is about four kids. They are Carter, who likes to lead, Jane, a smart nine year old, Vanessa, the oldest and most responsible, and Buzz, the guy that thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. They went on a boating trip, but they crashed on an island in the Pacific Ocean. They also lost contact with anyone but were able to send a brief distress call before they lost all the battery. They tried all kinds of ways to signal ships and planes to get off the island, but they started to run out of water. Jane and Carter then went to look for fresh water. Read the book to find out if they survive or not.


I believe the theme of this book is that working together will work better than working independently. In the book the four main characters work together to survive on the island. An example is when Jane and Carter work together to find water for the group. Another example of the group working together is when they were in the middle of the storm and they had to prevent each other from going overboard.

Third Person Omniscent

The point of view is third person Omniscient, because the view changes between the four main character.