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SUMMER EDITION /Issue 13/JUNE 28, 2020

Seeing with the Eyes of God

click on this link to find all materials for our Diocese's Summer Journey of Faith


Our Diocese is embarking on a 12 county Summer Journey of Faith! Check in with your parish to see if they have special plans to take part in this family friendly alternative to VBS, made for all ages, great for grandparents and their grandkids, faith-filled, fun ideas for downtime! We will connect to the Summer Journey of Faith each week, right here; look for the logo to the right to read the weekly post! THE SUMMER JOURNEY OF FAITH BEGINS TODAY!

Get started with your summer journey by making a God's Eye to lead your way. You may remember God's eyes from summer camps of the seventies! They are making a comeback with our summer journey as we "See With God's Eyes" all summer long! You can watch a video, created by one of our diocesan families to be reminded of this timeless craft which hails originally from the indigenous peoples of Mexico. This video can be found on our YouTube Playlist by clicking on the button below! Each God's eye is made unique by the pattern and color of yarn you choose and can be a great reminder that not only is God watching over us but we are called to see the world through God's loving lens! Below you will also see the "Trip Planner" for the week that will give you a list of activities that coincide with this Sunday's scripture themes and a trail mix prayer to start you off with some physical and spiritual nourishment! The "homestyle" video of this week's science experiment was created by one of our diocesan families! It's great! Your family might be inspired to create your own video. If you do, please send it our way via the email in our bio at the end of the newsletter. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

June 28 Walking Water Experiment Arbore Family

This is the full playlist of homemade videos for our Diocesan Summer Journey of Faith!


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Pier Frassati lived charity in his very being. He showed his love for God through his service to his neighbor, so much so that there is a group named after him with a driving notion of service.

What Is It?

Love for God and neighbor.

Wishing God all honor and glory.

“the friendship of man for God” (Thomas Aquinas)

Charity combats the sin of Greed.

Live It Out!

  • Read 1 Corinthians 13. A better translation is Charity is patient, charity is kind….
  • Say and show your love for one person each day this week, and pray to God for them.



Before we receive Communion, there is an exchange of peace. Under “normal” conditions, the congregation exchanges a handshake, or even an embrace. Now, in order to maintain social distancing, the Sign of Peace is limited to a verbal exchange between the presider and congregation. But the symbolism is still there!

Before we move into receiving the Eucharist, we acknowledge and reconcile with those around us. We make an outward sign of God’s love before receiving him into our being. It is our way of showing that we are in community. It’s an act of love and charity, similar to what Pier Frassati was known for.

When you offer a sign of peace at Mass (in person or virtually) look them in the eye and speak heart to heart.


As Independence Day approaches, we invite you to follow the link to this "Prayer for our Nation" It is a perfect, timely prayer for July 4th that you and your family can download and pray together!

The video below is a beautiful meditation on the phrase "verso l'alto", a motto connected to Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.

The Prayer of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati


Tip of the Week: MANAGE WHAT YOU CAN, RELEASE WHAT YOU CAN'T.....let go of your frustration over things you cannot control and focus on those things that you can.

A favorite "faith" phrase of ours is: LET GO, and LET GOD


Show you care by making Love Letter cookies for your family! Love Letters

Need a Fourth of July treat for the campfire? Place a strawberry on a campfire stick. Dip the strawberry in a dollop of marshmallow cream and then a quick dip of blue sugar sprinkles. Hold your skewer over the flame and toast to your liking. Allow to cool slightly so you do not burn your tongue. ENJOY!


Spread your love and charity this week!

Run/Walk/Bike to a neighbor or family member's house and chalk them a driveway surprise note; walk around your town and pick up trash or offer to help a neighbor by walking their dog or mowing their lawn. You can make someone's day with even the smallest act of kindness!


Create something to show your love for those around you! Have you thanked your mail person lately? Or written a letter/sent a video to family and friends telling them how much you love and miss them? Create something that shows your love and appreciation for those around you!

Disappointed that Fourth of July fireworks aren't happening in your community? You can craft your own firework designs as part of your Fourth of July celebration: And, it's much safer!!

Use one of your firework crafts as a note to your loved one with a phrase like "You light up my world" or "thanks for leaving a sparkle wherever you go!"


FOR CHILDREN: "The Bears Garden" by Marcie Colleen is a beautiful little story about a community beautification project. It's a special reminder of how we take pride in the place we live and we show love for our neighbors.

"Pass it On" By Sophy Henn is a story about passing positivity on to others! Spread the joy! It's short and sweet but filled with message. Watch the video of the story below!

FOR TEENS: "Follow: Your Lifelong Adventure with Jesus " by Katie Prejean McGrady. Katie Prejean McGrady is one of the most prominent youth speakers in our church today. She has a humorous, approachable style that helps young people and those who care about them connect to faith and Christ in practical ways!

Pass it On- Sophy Henn

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