Siberian Huskys

by: Kenlee Ponivas

Understanding the Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskys are one of the fastest sled dogs in the world. The Siberians have a thick coat that helps them stay warm. They get along really well with children and other dogs. The breed was created by the Chuckchi people then brought to Nome. The husky isn't usually a one-man dog. If the dogs or their owners are attacked they can defend them. They have very strong predatory instincts. They are easy dogs to care for, and they love to run. They shed their coat atleast once a year. The Siberian Husky's originated in Eastern Siberia. They are very active and energetic. They were breed to pull heavy sleds. They were originally known as the Arctic Husky.

Sled dogs

The first Siberian Husky sled team finished the race in 89 hours in finished in 3rd place. A musher named John Johnson had a team that people thought would lose ,but his team won the 1910 Sweepstakes. A disease spread across Nome and they had relay teams on the run. The serum run started with Gunnar Kaasen on February 3,1995. Balto was Gunnars lead dog. The serum Run was from Nome to Anchorage then back to Nome, and the run was a success. Grizzaly a lead dog was in a race when his musher got attacked by a bear, and Grizzly turned the Siberians around and charged the bear giving the muse time to run up a tree, and the Siberians waited with him until help arrived. Balto is a famous race dog, and he went the longest way in the Serum run. In honor of him they built a statue of him in New York City.