Come to Maddox-ville

The best, peaceful, convenient town around! :D

Our geocity has the best variety of things to do.

You can eat at a ton of different resturaunts, go to the park, swim at the pool, or play a game oh baseball at our awesome field.

Come visit my Geo-city!

My city has a massive variety of shapes. The parking lot is a rectangle, and the Taco Diner and Burger House are rectangular prisms. The pond in the Maddox-ville park is a circle, and the Walmart and Jersey Mike's are cylinders. The Maddox-ville ballpark is a square, and the Maddox-ville bank is a cube. Lastly the mini-mart and indoor GYM are right triangular prisms, and the home plate in the Maddox-ville ballpark is a pentagon.

My city also has a lot of lines of symmetry. The parking lot has two lines of symmetry, and the Maddox-ville ballpark has four lines of symmetry. The pond at the Maddox-ville park has infinite lines of symmetry, and the home plate at the Maddox-ville ballpark has one line of symmetry.

The right angles are in the roads, the acute angles are in the mini-mart and indoor GYM, and the obtuse angles are in the home plate at the Maddox-ville ballpark.

My parallel lines are in Maddox Ln and Ballpark Ln, and the sidewalks of Maddox-ville road. My intersecting lines are in the base paths at the Maddox-ville ballpark, and my perpendicular lines are from Maddox-ville road and Maddox Ln, and Maddox-ville road and ballpark Ln.

There is a reflection between the mini-mart and indoor GYM, a rotation between Taco Diner and Burger House, and a translation between Walmart and Jersey Mike's.

The kid pool at the Maddox-ville pool has and area of 24 cm and the adult pool has a perimeter of 30 cm.

I hope you enjoyed my geo-city!

Bye :D

I am Maddox, Mayor of Maddox-ville

Anyone is allowed to come to my geo-city. We are a small town with a good community and lots of fun!!!