Raven Radio

created by: McKenna Meyer

About Raven Radio:

Have you ever wanted to have something that will play any song you want for free, you don't even have to buy the song? Well, now there is Raven Radio! Raven radio is a robots bird that will play any song you want right at your fingertips! All you have to do is say "Raven play" and then the song you want. She will play that song in a minute! Raven can also fly around! Once you open the box you will see a remote that makes Raven fly (battires not included). There is a leveler that makes Raven go up, one leveler makes her down, and then there are right and left controls.

More about Raven Radio:

Raven Radio is for all ages, but if you are a parent and want your kid not to listen the inappropriate music. Then on the back, switch the switch to "kid mood" and then your kids cant listen to anything bad. Raven Radio is 14.99, including shipping and handling. Call now, at 817-RAV-DIO First 20 callers get a second mini raven keychain FREE!! So, call now!

Sold Separately:

You can also buy Raven Radio headphones and/or ear-buds that come in black, blue, white, gray, and purple.those are 5.99 each. Another toy you can buy is Hawk Harp that can fly and record your voice, then play it back as a song, he is also 14.99.