Animal Danger

how to protect yourself from animal dangers


Snakes can be very fatal if not payed attention to. You want to keep away from damp ground and especially muddy areas. Also, you want to keep away from dark green areas on the ground, they can slither in the grass and you wouldn't be able to see them easily. You want to look on the ground frequently to make sure they don't sneak up on you.


Keep away from these. There are about 40 species, and around 3.5% are deadly or fatal. They have little bulbs on their abdomen that they "wack" whatever makes them feel endangered in any way. You can normally tell what they look like, they can be black, brown, gray, and sometimes even a red color. They are usually in dry areas under rocks or in caves. Be careful when you lift things up.


As you may know, crocodiles can also be very dangerous. They are normally in swampy areas so they blend in very well. You don't want to go in water without knowing what exactly is in it. They camouflage with the areas around them so be careful what you step on and look around you when walking in shallow water.


Typically, iguanas aren't really thought of as being dangerous. If they are cared for properly, they can be tames, but if they feel threatened in any way, they can be extremely aggressive. They have very sharp teeth that if bitten, can cause deep wounds, which can cause bacteria build up . Also, they use their tails as whips that can also cause wounds and this is very painful. They mainly hide in trees or in grassy areas, and they also camouflage very well to fit their surroundings, so it is hard to see them. If you don't bother an iguana, it won't bother you.


In the water, sharks are one of the most dangerous animals. They have razor sharp teeth and they can also be very deadly. If you are going in the water, you should wear bright clothes so they don't mistake you for a fish, which happens often. Sharks don't look for humans to eat, they just mistake them for big fish. Also, you want to stay close to the top of the water so they will be less likely to see you. Be careful when you go in waters that have sharks in them and take precautions.