Heronshaw Newsletter

March 2019

Busy times at Heronshaw

The spring term in school is always a busy one. This is the term when children make huge leaps in their academic progress. It seems like such a long time ago since the children were starting in their new year groups and now we are just over half way through the academic year.

As you will know Heronshaw School joined the IFtL Trust on 1st January this year. IFtL (Inspiring Futures through Learning) is a family of school that share a vision of excellence and a commitment to providing the highest quality education for all children. Heronshaw staff have been working alongside colleagues across the trust for a couple of years now in various capacities and the collaboration will continue with many benefits for the children. You may not have noticed any changes from a parent point of view, except perhaps the new signage around the school. The transition was carefully planned for ensuring that the things that make Heronshaw School the special place that it is remain.

Your can read more about IFtL on the central website here.

In 2016 we achieved our 'Outstanding' Ofsted which we remain incredibly proud of. Since then we have continued to look for innovative ways to develop the school curriculum. Our non-core curriculum (subjects such as science, history, art, etc) was developed over a two year period and last year the focus was on developing the 'mastery approach' in maths. This year the focus has been on the introduction of a new approach to teaching English.

Since our Ofsted inspection we have invited external moderations and review teams to quality assure our provision from Foundation through to Key Stage 1. We worked closely with Challenge Partners between 2017 and 2018 receiving excellent reports. In March 2019 Heronshaw had a review where our 'Outstanding' status was upheld.

Big picture

Our new corridor theme 'Alice in Wonderland'

We hope that you have had chance to see our new themed corridor. The children and staff have been worked hard to create this amazing creation. There are clocks, jam tarts, hats, playing card mobiles and medicine bottles everywhere you look.

Huge thanks go to Mrs Funnel and Mrs Savage who coordinated and put together the whole display.

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Celebrating successes across the school

This year we have been celebrating success for children and staff in a variety of ways.

Heronshaw Houses
One of our most popular aspects of the week is our 'Celebration Assembly' each Friday. The weekly totals for each team are announced from 4th to 1st place and then recorded on our display in the school hall. The autumn term winners, Caldecotte received a reward afternoon where they enjoyed pancakes with a variety of delicious toppings. The current leaders for the spring term are Tongwell. Good luck everyone - it is very close in the totals. Did you know that each house has two house captains? Our house captains are displayed in the hall by each team colour.

Star of the Week
In class, children can earn points for great work, good effort, tidying, being helpful and demonstrating the Heronshaw values. The daily totals are added together giving a winner at the end of the week. This winner is the class 'Star of the week'. Every Friday the winner from each class has their photo displayed on the 'Star' display in the hall for everyone to see. The children. are very proud of their classmates.

Celebrating Out of School Achievements

If your child is working hard on something out of school or is successful in something then we would love to be able to share this in front of the whole school. Perhaps your child have been awarded a medal or certificate that they would like to have shown in assembly. Please speak to your child's class teacher and this can be arranged.

Don't forget to check the News feed on the website and Twitter for ongoing updates.

Special days and Events

Our spring term started with a 'Happiness Day'. Miss Boothroyd organised a series of activities focusing on happiness and well-being for the children and staff. The day was filled with smiles and huge amounts of creativity. Miss Boothroyd visited each class to lead a mindfulness session, which the children thought was brilliant.

In February the theatre group M&M came to school to put on a production of 'Alice in Wonderland'. Experience days like this really help to enrich the children's first years at school. We hope that they enjoyed telling you all about it at home.

'World Book Day', 'STEM week' and 'Games Day' have all been wonderful experiences for the children. Please do enjoy looking through the special newsletters that have been created to celebrate these days. They are all available on our website.

What's coming up?

Phonics workshops for Year 1 parents. One workshop has taken place and there is a second opportunity available for parents to attend on Monday 25th March at 2:15pm.

Parent evenings will be held at the beginning of April. Please make sure that you have signed up for an appointment with your child's class teacher. This will be an opportunity to discuss your child's progress.

Our school's social media presence. We are always looking for ways to reach out to our school community and over the coming weeks we will be revealing our latest development.

Breakfast Club

If you are interested in your child attending breakfast club then you can book directly with Mrs Kibby our site manager. Please contact the school office to contact Mrs Kibby.

7.45-8.40: Child 1-£3.50 (Sibling- £2.50)

8.00-8.40: Child 1- £2.50 (Sibling- £2.50)

8.15-8.40 Child 1- £1.50 (Sibling- £1.50)

Term Dates


Break Up - Friday 5th April 2019


School Starts - Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Spring Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May 2019

Break Up - Friday 24th May 2019

School Starts - Monday 3rd June 2019

Break Up - Friday 19th July 2019