Fight Song Service Project

Sabrina Williams

Light the Night Walk

I did a Cancer research walk. I know a lot of people with Cancer so me and my family decided to participate. I met some people battling cancer, and heard their stories. A girl at my cheer gym got diagnosed with Leukemia that year. So a group of people from my gym got together to walk, and she walked with them. They gave you a lantern to show what your were. Red was a supporter or friend. White was someone fighting cancer. Gold was someone who lost another to cancer. It showed you who was going through what. So you got tell those with white congratulations for winning the battle, or keep fighting I know you'll make it. It was a great expirence, and I would do it again any day.

Helping Others

Helping others is very important. You never know when something might happen to you and you need help. So it's nice to have helped someone else, so then karma is in your favor. Helping others makes you feel all nice and bubbly inside. At first your kinda nervous. But then it's alright, and you now your helping someone who really needs it. There's so many ways you could help others. You could do community service, or help at a local organization. Or maybe even helping your mom or dad clean the house But it's important to just get involved. But helping people will make the world a better place .

Alley Cat Allies

This organization is dedicated to stray cats. They are trying to get cats of the street, but also out of abusive homes. With 500,000 supporters, and 20 years of experience behind them they are a very good organization. They are also non-profit so it is made entirely just to help the cats. They are also trying to help develop communities. Values are also very important for them. Like teamwork, goal setting, and compassion towards every living thing.