Holiday (Dress UP) Fundraiser!

Donate a $1 or more to participate!

Help families in need by donating!

By donating $1 or more per day, students can dress up in the following themes. ALL donations will go directly to Chapman families in need this holiday season. Dress Code still applies.

Monday 12/3/18

Inside Out and Backwards Day! Wear your shirts, pants, socks, and hoodies inside out and/or backward. An easy but fun way to participate with no prep!

Friday 12/7/18

Holiday Dress Up! Wear anything holiday themed! Shirts, socks, headbands, reindeer antlers, etc... The more the merrier!

Wednesday 12/12/18

PJ DAY! After a long day and night at the holiday concert- just get up and come to school in your PJs the next morning! Slippers too!