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April 9-17, 2020

Principal's Message

Today is Holy Thursday and in the Catholic faith it represents humility and love. Holy week is a time for us to reflect on our Lenten journey and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events that led up to it.

Notre Dame has been delivering at home learning for 2 weeks. Our staff have been learning and adapting along side your child as to what great delivery and learning looks like. Thank you all for your patience, grace, and flexibility as we adapt in these unprecedented times. If you or child are struggling, remember we are in this together. We will work together to find solutions.

We continue to pray for our students and their families that they are staying healthy and working to embrace the challenges set before them. God Bless you and your family this Easter weekend.

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Non Core Classes Deadline Approaching

April 30th is the last day for students who are failing a non-core class to complete assignments to bring their mark to a passing grade so that they can receive credit. After this date, these classes will be closed and students will not be able to submit further work. Teachers will be contacting students, who are in this situation, after the Easter Break to set up assessments and timelines. If you need help, please contact your child's teacher.

Tech Help?

Need some help with your tech? Running into an issue on your device or in Google Classroom? Not sure how to complete the video portion of your assignment?
Contact Mrs Vandermeer, your friendly neighbourhood Communication Technologies teacher @


Our finance team is working hard to issue prorated refunds for items such as bus passes, CTS classes, hockey academy, and class trips.

These refunds will be mailed to your home address. Please be patient as we work through this process.

Locker Contents

If you didn't make it in to pick up your locker contents, please call the school to make arrangements. All lockers have been cleaned out and contents have been bagged and labelled.

Youth Ministry Events

Alpha Youth on Wednesdays at noon on Instagram @rdcrsym

Prayer and Praise on Thursday at 8 am on Instagram and Zoom

Thinkfast on April 17-18 Click here to Register

Stay up to date by following our Youth Ministry team on Instagram.

Tips to Be Successful with At Home Learning

Routine is Important

  • Routine is comforting for children and teens. In uncertain times, it helps them know and understand what to expect.
  • A clear schedule and space for learning will help define your child’s day.
  • Minimizing distractions will be important. Noise canceling headphones, apps that limit access to games or social media, or separating children with a physical or visual barrier can all assist you in creating a calm learning environment.

Communication is Key

  • Learn how your child’s teacher would like to communicate with you.
  • Ask your child to see their learning platforms such as Google Classroom.
  • Share any concerns through private communications with the school, such as phone calls or emails.

Be Positive

  • While you are not responsible for teaching the content of the lesson, you can assist teachers in ensuring that learning remains a priority at home.
  • Your enthusiasm for learning will set the tone for your child as to how he/she responds to remote opportunities.
  • Don’t become overwhelmed! Many online companies and social media posts are flooding parents’ newsfeeds with “at home” learning opportunities. While you can explore these if you wish, the only necessary activities are the ones your school and teachers provide
  • You can reinforce learning by playing games, watching movies, or reading books together.
  • Engaging in family activities also increases feelings of connection and togetherness.

Your Family's Well-Being is Important

  • Time for family prayer and reflection encourages spiritual connection and comfort.
  • It is ok to limit screen time.
  • Talk to your child about this change in their routine and seek out social connection with families or friends in ways other than face-to-face contact.
  • Reach out to community supports or school staff if you feel overwhelmed.

Mental and Physical Health Supports

Our School Counselors or Family School Enhancement Counselor are available to talk on the phone, through email or even Google Meet should you have any questions or concerns or feel like they can be a support to your child(ren) or family.

Jill Meraw - Grade 10

Miguel Deschenes - Grade 11

Mallory Lussier - Grade 12

Rozalyn Vickery - Family School Enhancement

If you are in need, please know that we have food and resources available. To access support, please connect with a counsellor (see above) or send a confidential email to Rose McQuay.

We are sharing Help in Tough Times from Alberta Health Services that provide information and tips to support student, staff and parents mental health and well-being.

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Remember that we are in this together.