By: Shadi Hamed

What is Flexability?

Flexibility is the ability of the joints to move through there full range of motion.

The benifets of being flexable?

When you stretch, it prevents you from any injury's during the activity or exercise. You have the freedom to bend and stretch. Flexibility improves alignment and protects against serious injury. It also keeps your heart healthy and cant even make you happy.

How does one improve there flexability?

You can improve your flexibility by stretching 5 to 7 minutes before activity and after as a cool down. Also by stretching 5 to 10 minutes slowly to become more flexible.

Personal Connection

This reminds me of stretching everyday before practice so no injuries happens to me.

I always stretch before soccer practice because if I don't, it could affect us by pulling a muscle or getting a cramp. Stretching is important because it saves us the pain and injury's that could occur in an everyday normal life.