Growth of Cities

By: Amaan and Gabe

What came to the growth of cities

The first main cause of how cities grew was because of the manufacturing process. We were able to add new roads which allowed to expand our land to new areas we couldn't reach before. We were able to make machines to make growth of factories which allowed us to grow cities. This allowed people to have more than 2 pairs of clothes. All this led to the growth our cities to what it is today.
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Good things that came out of the growth of cities

More cities, factories, states, people, increased economy, variety of jobs and steady wages. These are many reasons why the growth of cities was a very important thing. This allowed us to do many things we couldn't do in the past. We were able to increase the variety of jobs which made people move in and start working. We were able to increase production rate. The more we expanded the more production rate increased

Bad things that happened during the Industrial Revolution

Worker were unpaid, work conditions were deplorable, manufacturing process caused mass pollution, many houses were cramped with more than one family, and child labor was a huge problem in the Industrial Revolution. Diseases such as Cholorea caused by contaminated water and it could spread with speed and with devastating consequences. Smallpox made a huge reappearance in the industrial cities. People ignored that there was a vaccine for this. There were many more devastating diseases than this.
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Life before the Industrial Revelation

It was hard to move around, people had to rely upon themselves and there communities to provide the vast majority of the things that they needed. Education was poor, only rich being catered for, by the nannies in private tutors. There was an increase in manual labor before Industrial Revolution. Cities were agriculture based in small towns.
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