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Compare and Contrast Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill gates are alike in many ways. Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates dropped out of collage. They both also started there own company's as well as they both relied on there skills. One the other hand, one way they differ is Bill Gates learned how to code at age 14 and Steve Jobs does not know how to code. Another difference is Steve Jobs got fired from the company he started and Bill Gates never got fired from his own company. Although they have differences they were both determined to keep their company's going.

Sequence Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison was born February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. When Edison was 14, he got scarlet fever. At age 16, Edison produced his first invention, called an automatic repeater. In 1877 he invented the first phonograph. In 1879 he managed to make a long-lasting light bulb. December 1879, when his laboratory was electrically illuminated for the first time. It was difficult for Edison to invent the light bulb he said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." In October 18, 1931 in New Jersey Edison died. In the end Edison was determined to Invent.

Description Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was an outstanding basketball player, well known for his great accomplishments and kindness. He was a 5-time Most Valuable Player, won 6 NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls, and was ranked first in scoring average when he retired. When Michael Jordan was in high school he was cut cut from his basket ball team and stayed in his room crying. Jordan did not let that set him back he is know know as one of the best basket ball players.

Problem Solution Eminem

Eminem is one of the biggest raper out there. Eminem got two Grammy Awards and four MTV Video Music Awards. In his early life he had problems because he did not have a father. Also his mother could not keep a job when he was 17 he dropped out of school. He solved his problem even though he was white and most of the rappers were black he still got respect. Eminem was determined to be successful even though he is white.

Cause and Effect Helen Keller

Helen Keller got sick as a baby. That caused her to lose her hearing and sight. People could not tell if Helen was feeling because she could not speak. She would get mad and throw things at people. She could not learn to communicate because it was hard to learn how being deaf and blind. She learned to communicate and write, she ended up writing many books. All of her struggles she was determined to get through she did because she did not give up.
Michael Jordan -- "Failure"
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