Jewish Resistance

by: Lekhitha Ammaresh

Teaming Up Makes Us Strong

In April-May 1943, after Jews had heard rumors that the Germans were going to send the rest of the inhabitants to Treblinka killing center, the Jews revolted. They had stolen many weapons such as Molotov cocktails, hand grenades, and a handful of small arms. Germans were surprised, but still managed to end the major fighting within days, but to "completely pacify the ghetto and deport virtually all of the remaining inhabitants." (Encyclopedia) took months. This was known to be the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

We're Not Done Yet!

Everything seemed to be peaceful once again for the Nazi's until something happened once again. "Jewish prisoners rose against their guards at three killing centers." (Encyclopedia) In Treblinka un August 1943 and October 1943 in Sobibor. Once again, the Jews were armed with stolen weapons and attacked the guards. The Germans had killed all the rebels, but they were slowly realizing the problem that was coming at them.

Aided by Ourkind

"In October 1944, at Auschwitz-Birkenau, members of the Jewish Special Detachment (Sonderkommando) mutinied against the SS guards." (Encyclopedia) It took 450 deaths on the Jews side to stop this battle, 200 during and 250 after. Soon it was discovered the 5 women (4 were Jewish) had been the key suppliers of explosives to Sonderkommando. Once the Germans found out, the women were killed.

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Don't Forget!

Germans were trying to eradicate Jews from human memory. In order to keep them from succeeding, Jews found ways to make sure they were remembered. They created Jewish cultural institutions, secretly educating others about the Jews, publishing underground newspaper, and collecting and hiding documentation.

Never Again Shall We Mistreat!

After an incident as bad as the Holocaust, people now treat others fairly. Everyone is equal, and we can learn to keep it that way from the misery the Jews faced. They faced so much, and tried so hard to fight back, it is only fair to them that we welcome others with open arms.

Demi Lovato - Don't Forget

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