Vote for Delisi & O'malley

"I want every Jaguar to be at the top one percent"

Sokol Delisi

Sokol has been in S.T.A.R and in S.A.C.K ever since he entered Rutledge Hall. He has helped many students with homework, sports, and when they just needed someone to talk too. Sokol will actually listen to what YOU have to say and do everything that he can to make 8th grade a memorable year for all of us. He will do as much as he can to make sure that our ABC countdowns are actually fun and our spirit weeks make us want to get more involved with the school. Sokol will make our school proud and represent us in a very classy manner. That's why you should vote for Sokol as your President.

Emmett O'Malley

Emmett have been in S.T.A.R for two years and he's loved every second of it. Emmett and Sokol have been friends ever since the 4th grade and they work very well together. O'malley has always wanted to be a Vice President ever since he was little. He is very nice to all of his classmates and everyone loves being around him. He knows exactly what to do and say to put a smile on someones face. Emmett also is trying to find a way to make the ABC countdown and spirit week more fun for all of us. Emmett is great with coming up with wild and fun ideas and knows what children our age like to do at school. Vote for Emmett as Vice President and watch him and Sokol change the school one Jaguar at a time.