by Matthew Nelson

There are types of unemployment?

Read detailed info about the four types of unemployment on page 23.
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Unemployment Rate Decreases!

Read More About The Lowest Unemployment Rate Since 2009! Page 57
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Structural Unemployment

Unemployment when a business is shut down and you are laid off. More info Page 26

Cyclical Unemployment

When you are unemployed due to the state of the economy. Read more Page 27

Frictional Unemployment

Unemployment when you leave a job before you have another one. Ryan Jericho shares his experience... More on Page 30

Seasonal Unemployment

Unemployment for those who have seasonal jobs. Good news for snow shovel businesses. More on Page 32

Looking For A Job?!

We Are Proud To Say We Are Offering More Jobs Than In The Best State Of Our Nation Since 2002! More About Jobs On Page 22
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