Roger Arliner

By Koehn Carter

Roger Arliner Young

The first non-white girl scientist or zoologist to get the award of PhD is Roger Arliner Young. Well I'm going to tell you about her. What she does and where she works.Where she goes to school.Her early life family and what she likes to do.

Early life

She is a African american woman and she was born in 1899 in Clifton Forge,VA.She died in November 9 New Orleans 1964. She grew up in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania (Kenneth R. Manning,1983).She died at the age of 65.She died alone. She likes to do Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Stem.

She was a Zoologist the first black woman to get the award of getting PhD in Zoology.In 1921 she took her first science course.She over came racial barrier. In 1916 she entered Howard University to go in to music and study it.Then in 1923 she graduated Howard University. Also she entered the University of Pennsylvania.In 1940 she got PhD in Zoology and University of Chicago.

This scientist contributes to science because zoology is a type of science. Zoologists study animals and wildlife how they interact with their habitats. They study the physical features of animals, animal behaviors, and the impacts humans have on wildlife and natural habitats. (Google,1998)

She achieved her masters degree in 1926.She works at a marine biological laboratory, She does Biology, Zoology, marine biology. She also had a doctor's degree she did a project in Egypt. She also taught at 2 schools one was called North Carolina College Negroes and in Shaw University,North Carolina.

This story is about a black woman zoologist that made many Discoveries. This shows her early life where she went to School where she works. This scientist is a famous for being a African american scientist. She made many Discoveries.We should know about this scientist to remember her .Maybe you can make a story about Roger Arliner Young.