The Secret Of Success

When a person is determined, they keep working until success

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What is determination?

Determination is when you set your mind on to something, and you try to accomplish that goal.

The True Determination Of A Human Spirit

This individual becomes determined to learn how to read. Gradually the individual learns and is finally able to read his own son's book.

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The Smallest Dragon

Keevan and Bertil differentiate in many ways. For example, Keegan is gullible, brave, and he wants to be treated equally. He also wants to prove to everyone that how you look doesn't define you strengths. Lastly, he is mischievous, and he adheres to his conviction. Bertil is different in many ways. Bertil is persistent, mean, bold, and his actions are deliberate. Keevan and Bertil are also similar in many ways. For example, they are both ambitious, they both want to prove themselves, they are determined, diligent, and combative. In conclusion, both Keevan and Bertil have some similarities and differences.

Dancing until the end

In the beginning of the story, Veda is in a dance competition. While she dances, she feels free and has fun. She wins first place and walks out in triumph with a proud smile. After that, she gets into a car accident which alters her life. Next she goes to the doctors and her left leg gets amputated. Then she gets a prosthetic leg, and she loses faith in herself. She begins to believe that she can never dance again. Near the middle of the story, Veda gets a new dance teacher named Akka and Govinda. With the help of Govinda, and Akka, Veda becomes a great dancer once again. She perseveres through the pain of having a prosthetic leg. She becomes a determined individual, and keeps on dancing and trying over and over again. In conclusion, bad things that happen to individuals for the better.

Lucky by chance

Fadi faces many adversities. In the beginning of the story, Fadi and his family runaway out of Afghanistan. Before it was time to run, Miriam asked Fadi to put her doll in his backpack. Fadi said no. Before Marium and Fadi reached the car, Marium drops her doll, and Fadi accidently lets go of her hand. Since he didn’t put Mariums doll in his backpack, because of that, he left Marium back in Afghanistan. Since he did leave Marium back, Fadi’s family had to get money to try to get Marium back. When Fadi saw an opportunity at his school in his photography club, he took that chance. The only problem was that he had to pay 50 dollars. If he did put the doll in his backpack, Fadi’s family would not have to go through so much stress. Noor gave Fadi 50 dollars because she believed that Fadi could win the photography contest to win 2 tickets to India. In the end, Fadi didn't win. Luckily, someone took a photo of Pakistan and Fadi and his father saw Marium in it. Fadi’s father sent agents to get Marium back, and the family was once again reunited. In conclusion, if Fadi had just put the doll in his backpack, they wouldn't have left Marium, and they wouldn't have gone through all that stress.

Running into your dreams

Kayla Montgomery has been involved in sports for a very long time. But in 2009, she got hurt playing soccer and she couldn’t feel her legs. Thats when she started to go for medical tests. The doctors discovered and diagnoses her with a Multiple sclerosis (Also known as M.S). Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. Ever since then she had no feeling from her waist down. Overtime, she slowly regained feeling in her legs. After that, she began to run. With motivation and determination, she began to run almost every single day building up her stamina. Soon she began to compete in races, but as she continued to run, she has no pain, but when she reached the finish line her coach and a few others had to catch her before she fell, and they had to cool her down so her pain could go down and so she can feel her legs again. Everytime kayla goes in a race, she has to go through the pain. It takes will, determination, and the spirit to keep on doing what she loves.

1 problem, 1 solution, 1 new life

Amy Purdy was once an american actress, model, clothing designer and author. In 1999, she had bacterial meningitis at the age of 19 and had less than a 2% chance of living. She survived the infection, but she lost both legs. She lost faith, and layed in bed all day. Gradually, she realized that she could do something about her loss, and she began to regain faith and look at things in a positive way. She began to snowboard again, and she founded a non profit organization that helped kids with disabilities so they can play sports again. After that, she went to Africa to help other kids who don't have legs and put shoes on them. She also won 2 gold medals for snowboarding. Her life began to set sail with just one problem that made her be more creative. This proves that one problem can alter your life and change it for the better.


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By: Faith Puthenpurakal