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Home Is Where The Expired Chips Are

Remember: we are one team and one company with the same goal #DJKhaledCaliberSuccess. So help each other! Reach out! Remind one another of the greater goal! And if my amateur motivational speech doesn't do the trick, there's always this:

Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Motivational Speech (Original Video)


"The best form of marketing is operations."

Our operations must reflect all of our marketing online, at events, and on the streets.
Gilt City gave us a test order that got there in 22 minutes! This is how we must operate 24/7. How can we assure this?

Trends (as seen by Support Emails):
  1. Late orders

  2. Mispackaging (products wrong, missing, or damaged)

  3. Bad communication (customers don't know where their order is, goPuff office not answering the phone, customer can't get in touch)

How To Fix This:
  1. Double check orders for mispackaging & expiration.
  2. COMMUNICATE: call the customer if order is late just to tell them its on the way & always answer the phone (even if you have to put it on hold).
  3. Split responsibilities on busier shifts among managers: some package, some work the desk & computer.
  4. Limit the amount of bags one driver can take.
  5. Warehouse work: write expiration date on boxes, restock with extra time.

Goal: make our customers look as happy as Matt Broadwater & our drivers look as happy as the guy with the beard.

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  • Pita bread, cheese, yogurt
  • 100 more essentials
  • Pharmacy section
  • Fresh salads in Philly this week!
PREP FOR THIS by clearing rack space. Want a specific product for your city? Let Jorida know! & TEXT HER WHEN YOU RECEIVE SHIPMENTS.

  1. Offer "Driver of the Month" +$50 bonus & announce at drivers meetings: look for the little extra things they do to help out, and encourage them to do so too.
  2. Quality > Quantity - we don't want to just hire anybody! Managers, report to Lauren with: how many drivers you need, for what shifts, and HOW interviews went.
  3. Use drivers as a resource! Senior drivers know the best way to prioritize orders - have them explain this to other drivers during meetings.
  4. Online app for drivers coming TODAY, next TUESDAY background checks.

...are always skewed because orders are consistently left unfinished for hours at a time. BE SURE TO FINISH ORDERS! If they're left unfinished for a while, LEAVE A NOTE explaining why. For this week:
Austin - 35.4 | Boston - 33.8 | NYC - 37.1 | Philly - 36.1 | DC - 24.4

You can never have enough:
  • Water (tru)
  • Toilet Paper (tru)
  • Paper Towels (tru)
  • Plan B (sad, but tru)


  • Philly buses
  • Boston train stations

Valentine's Commercial coming this week!

Squad News

Welcome our new New York City managers: Curtis, Enzo & Justin!