Jefferson Long and Phillis Wheatley

the story of two heroes

Jefferson Franklin Long

Jefferson Franklin Long was born in Knoxville, GA. When he was born, he was a slave. He was sold to a businessman called Edwin Saulsbury.He taught himself to read and write while he was a slave. He married Lucinda Carhart and started a family. He was elected on Jan 16th,1871.Before he was elected, he was a congressmen. He was the first African American congressman. The most important thing he did was gave African American rights,He died on Feb4,1901,Macon GA.
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Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley was born on May 8,1753.She was born in West Africa. At age 8,she was kidnapped and brought to Boston. Her slave owner was John Wheatley. John Wheatley taught her Latin and Greek. Wheatley wrote her first poem around age 13.No African Americans had published a poem, she want the Africans Americans to stand up and write poems. She became famous.She died about in 1784.(Dec 5)
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