Lupe Fiasco

A Bit About Lupe

  • Born February 16th, 1982
  • Real Name: Wasalu Muhammad Jaco
  • Rap Style
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  • Most famous for
Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push (Video) (Album Version)

Kick Push

T - I thought the title meant kick your feet and push off the ground to keep the skateboard moving because the song is about skate boarding.

P - Lupe is telling a story about a kid that is learning to skate and how he meets this girl who is also a skater, but everywhere they go, they aren't allowed to skate there.

C - In the first verse there was a rhyme scheme of "it" when Lupe said

"Somethin' about It

He knew he couldn't doubt It
Couldn't understand It
Brand It, since his first kick flip he land It

Point of view - Third person because Fiasco uses he, she, and they throughout the song.

Mood - The mood is frustrated because all these people just want to skate but society won't late them.

A - There is a sense of disappointment because every verse ends with some authority figure telling the kid he can't skate where is and that he has to leave.

T - The title now means to me ti keep going and pushing for what you want, no matter what that might be.

T - Never give up on what you want to do or be with. Regardless of how many times gthey got turned away, they always found a new place to skate and be happy.

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