Dear Professional Nail Department

Advise on keeping your nails healthy

Dear Professional Nail Department

My name is Kimberly I live in Miami, FL, I'm 23, and my nails are damaged and all have different lengths. Can you give me advise to help my nails get healthy?

Dear Kimberly

Your nails are probably damaged because you bite them, and they are probably uneven because you don't trim/file your fingernails regularly. Something that would help is trimming/filing them regularly, make sure you stop biting your fingernails and cut them and also keep them moisturized.

Dear Professional Nail Department

My name is Tamera, I'm 18, live in Fort Worth,TX. It's kinda hard to keep my nails moisturized in the dry weather. What can I do to keep my nails and hands moisturized?

Dear Tamera

To keep your skin and nails moisturized in the dry weather, make sure when you get out the shower, frequently put on lotion. If you do that daily , I guarantee your skin and nails will stay moisturized even in the dry weather.

Yasmene Mendez