By Melody Main, Oasis Aguayo, August Evans

World Religions Questions

1. The Sikhs number one belief, other than there is only one god, is that what goes around comes back around (karma).

2. They believe this because, to them, each action they take can and will effect their destiny, and if all they do is good hearted and holy, they will have good things happen to them in their next life. Thinking this way helps them justify each action so that they may receive good karma.

3. The Sikhs choose to believe in Sikhism and the way of the 10 gurus because Sikhism is a very peaceful and tranquil religion that teaches peace, progress, karma, faith, tolerance, and reincarnation.

4. The Sikhs usually do not have many enemies and are rather peaceful, but in the rare case of extremists, Sikh extremists kill only guilty, unholy/unfaithful people who have wronged Sikhism.

5. Recently, a gunman shot 9 people, killing 6 of them at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Fellow Sikhs were saddened and confused by this act. The Sikhs have always been a target for terrorism due to the the fact that they look similar to Muslims, who are much harsher than the Sikhs, and have a very bad reputation. Most of these gunman are confused and kill blindly without even knowing how peaceful the Sikhs truly are, much like the gunman. This unjust tragedy leaves the Sikh community unhappy and in pain.

6. This painting is important because it comemorates the day the government assaulted the Durbar Sajid also known as the Golden Temple. Kanwar Singh Dhillon made this painting on June 11, 2009.

7. In the song we chose lets the reader know that only god has the power to control all life. These lyrics relate to the religion because sikhs believe that god is the one and only to posses true power over them and everything else.

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Sikh Art Analyzation

This painting commemorates the day the Indian government assaulted the Durbpar Sahib or the golden temple. It shows the sixth guru and scenes from the day of the assault.
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The Ten Gurus and Their Contributions to the Sikh Religion

Prophets in the Sikh religion are called gurus. The first of ten gurus, named Nanak, developed the Sikh faith. Guru Angad, the second guru, introduced the Sikh alphabet known as the Gurmukhi script. Guru Amar showed no support for the caste system and Guru Raam began the excavation of the Sarovar Amritsar, which is a pool of holy water used for washing. Guru Arjun, the fifth guru, built the Golden Temple. Guru Har Govind built the Akal Takhat (which means seat of power in Sikhism) and gathered an army. Guru Har Krishan helped with the smallpox epidemic and Guru Teg sacrificed himself to protect his people from converting to Islam unwantedly. Finally, Guru Gobind, the tenth and last guru, sacrificed both himself and his family to save the Sikhs from converting once more.