Chesnut Update.... In a Nutshell

Serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators

Presenting....Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Paredes

On January 19 we celebrated the wedding of our daughter Melissa to Samuel Paredes. It was a beautiful ceremony! We are grateful to God for the many hands that helped pull it off - especially since Kelly decided to start the morning by breaking her ankle. Did you know that if you get wheelchair service from your airline, you get to board first? :oD

Praising God for our newest son-in-law! We love you Samuel!

Thanking God for aunts, uncles and cousins who were able to be there with us and were a HUGE help in countless ways!!! Kevin, Joanne, and John McCurry; John, Maureen, and Julia McCurry; and David Dekker! It was WONDERFUL to have you all there!!!

(Almost) all together now - aunts, uncles and cousins, and Chesnut family

New Assignment

On February 17, Kelly transitioned out of her role in Prayer Ministries to take on a new assignment as Assistant Coordinator of Women's Philanthropy. This is a brand new initiative that Wycliffe is undertaking and Kelly is very excited to be a part of it! Kelly and her team will be working to specifically engage women in the USA in bringing hope and wholeness to women, children and families around the world! We desire to see women give of themselves through investing their time, intellect, compassion, creativity, and finances to promote Bible translation, literacy and various community development opportunities around the world. Our heart is to see individuals—and ultimately families and communities— transformed by the hope and wholeness that can only be found in Jesus.

Please pray for Kelly as she transitions into her new role—it will be a high learning curve. Pray as she writes curriculum and develops stories of transformation to share with groups of women who are interested in being a part of bringing God's Word to those who need it. Ask God to stir the hearts of the women He wants to be a part of this opportunity.


John will be in Dallas the last week of February, home for a week, then off to South America for a trip with the Wycliffe Board for firsthand exposure to the work of Bible translation. And Kelly will be traveling to Chicago April 1-3 for a conference on Women's Philanthropy.

We'd appreciate prayer for each of these endeavors - in travel, for the meetings and experiences, and for the family at home.

Stay in Touch

We are DEEPLY grateful for your partnership in bringing God’s Word to those who have yet to hear the Good News that Jesus Christ, the One who came to reconcile man to God, is God’s greatest gift of all!

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