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Read On Raz Kids Today

Raz Kids is a wonderful website that you are probably familiar with and your kiddo is using in school. If you would like to use this program at home and you aren't already - here is the information you need to get started! Use smiller174 to get access to the books. You can help your first grader with sight words by placing their spelling words from the homework page at your computer station. Encourage them to search for the words in their books (even the ones they have already read) and then practice the words as a follow-up activity to their time on the computer.

smiller174 will get you to your books

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Read, Read, Read

Mrs. Ackenbom's Little Ponies can access Raz-Kids to hear modeled fluency and practice reading from any computer with Internet access--at home, at the library, on wifi-enabled tablets ... anywhere.

We Are A Book-It Class

Reading books on Raz Kids can count to your first grader's 15 minutes of reading. Color in the Book-It calendar each day to earn a free pizza from Pizza Hut.