Beluga Whales

The word beluga is a Russian word that means "White One."

Beluga Whale materials

A Beluga Whale needs a blowhole to breath they need this because Whales need oxygen too they breath by using the hole on the top of their head and placing it above the surface. Beluga Whales hold their breath when they go under water and they need oxygen and this is why they need a blowhole to survive.

Beluga Whale ENERGY!!!!

Beluga whales like to eat Snails, Crabs, Sandworm's, Fish, Squid, Octopus and shrimps and they are also bottom feeders wich means that they find food near or on the ocean floor.

Beluga Whale orginization

A Beluga whale makes clicking sounds as it swims through the water to find its food. A Beluga Whale uses its blowhole to breath at the surface of the water when it cant hold its breath anymore under water. to protect itself a Beluga Whale forms a pod or a pack of whales so enimies cant attack and also so the whales can eat, play and travel.

Beluga Whale living space

Beluga whales live in cold water and are normaly near icebergs when they are looking for food. they also tend to swim in shallow waters in icey and snowy conditions.

Beluga Whale growth

When Beluga Whales are born they are normally around 5ft long and grey. As they grow their skin gets lighter and after 5 years they are white.

Beluga Whale Response

Beluga whales use a clicking noise to find their food. A beluga whale uses the top of its head also known as its melon too send the sounds in different directions and then the sound bounces off objects under water back to the whale it listens to the echos which tells it the size and shapes of the objects and how far away they are.