Created By: Lacey Harris

Paragraph #1/ #2

Do you know that 58% of kids don’t tell adults or parents that they’re getting bullied.Then they don’t want to go to school and even some want to take their own lives. Here is the definition for bullying. Bullying is when someone gets beat up and is called names by a more powerful person or people. All the types of bullying can be a problem and some people defend the victims. Bullying is a problem for many kids. Some kids use the internet to harass, embarrass,and threat someone. Also did you know that Bullying can be as painful as form of bullying. 63% of kids have been bullied on the internet. When you are bullied you could a victim of audience of millions around the world. 58% of kids aren't telling their parent’s or adult’s about them getting bullied Therefore many adults aren't aware of their child or children getting bullied. 7% of kids think someone is pretending to be someone know. A lot of kids feel like they don’t belong with everyone else in the world so they take their own lives.

People can be defenders which means they help people that get bullied. Some parents check their kids computers after they get off. Then they talk to their kids more than usual to see if their kids aren’t getting bullied. Bullying can happen in passing time and also at the playground at school. Tell adults or parents about a bully thats bullying you or a friend. They bully people to impress their friends and also try to be cool. In addition if a bully is bullying you tell them how you feel. Most of schools staffs don’t believe in the students that are being bullied and 16% of school staffs believed the students. Furthermore schools could start doing an Anti-bullying program that stopped bullying in or outside of school.

Paragraph #3

Bullying affects other kids. Internet is used to harass, embarrass, and threat other’s. You can be a victim of millions just by bullying. Defenders help stand up for people who are getting bullied. Bullying can happen to everywhere in the world. Defenders help people, not bully people. So next time you or your friend or even a strangers get bullied stand up for them.

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