Hydrogen Cars

Hydrogen cars are awesome!!

Hydrogen fuel description

Hydrogen is normally shown at the top of the Group 1 elements in the periodic table.Hydrogen gas is colorless.Hydrogen gases formula is H2. When its at room temperature hydrogen is tasteless, odorless and colorless.

How are Hydrogen cars environment friendly?

Hydrogen is often stored in a liquid form, hydrogen takes up less space than hydrogen in its normal gas form. The hydrogen fuel is clean.It leaves no residue after its been put in the casr. Also Hydrogen produces no air pollutants or greenhouse gases when used in fuel cells. Since Hydrogen contains much less energy than gasoline or diesel shows how it's environmentally friendly:)

This is what some hydrogen cars look like

Why would you want a Hydrogen Car?

Hydrogen cars are the cars of the future. They are eco-friendly cars that use hydrogen as its primary fuel. The engine in these cars converts the chemical energy of the hydrogen in to the mechanical energy. Also it will be our solution to the harmful toxic gases.Its a safe fuel to use , and harmful green house gases will decrease.