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Principles of Law and Public Safety

Aurora Shooting

On July 20, 2012, James Holmes went into a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora Colorado. He entered the movie theater with a Glock 22, AR-15, and a Remington Shotgun. He hurled two tear gas containers in to the theater, and started firing. He ended up killing twelve people including a six year old girl and he injured at least 50 others.

Movie theater Massace

The police arrived 90 seconds after the 911 call was made at 12:39. After they arrived they shortly found three 40 caliber handgun magazines, a shotgun and a large array of magazines on the floor. Sgt Pedfern sent the injured to the hospital in a squad car. At 12:45 officer Oviatt arrested Holmes behind the cinema next to his car, without resistance. Holmes had recently dyed his hair orange right before the shooting. He thought it resembled the joker that is why he called himself the joker. Holmes was very calm and disconnected during his arrest. Holmes is currently serving 12 consecutive life sentences plus 3,318 years.

What happened?

The shooting happened between 12:38 am to 12:45 am at the "Dark knight Rises" midnight premiere. Holmes had started planning the shooting four months before the shooting actually happened. He made detailed plans about when he was going to do it and where and he wanted to take as many lives as possible. After Holmes was arrested for the shooting he told the cops that he booby-trapped his apartment with explosives. When the cops got to his apartment they disarmed all of the explosives and safely entered.

Editor's Column

How would you prevent situations like this happening in the future?

- Shootings like this are already a rare occurrence. To prevent the situation from getting worse I would suggest a armed security guard to monitor the movie theater. I would also suggest that movie theaters and malls make stricter policies on what can come in and out of the premises. They should also prohibit big clothing and masks to be worn so potential shooters cannot hide large fire arms.

The Victims

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