4b Post Assessment

By Jennie Madden

Garden Club

Asch (Line Experiment) -Some of the people will go with what someone else said in the group because they said it so everyone will follow what they do.

Zimbardo (Prison Experiment)- Some of the leaders in the club get a little bit too authoritative and do not really care about the other people in the group such as giving information to them and sometimes they ignore them which makes the other group members feel out of place

Milgram (Obedience Experiment) When the leaders were given their position they would not think about what is best for the people in the group and continued to keep going because of what the teacher told them to do. For example we were working out in the hot sun all day and they told us we had to continue working outside with no breaks until we leave.


authority- Since the leaders normally run the group, the other students in the group have to listen to them because they are the authority figures. They will tell us what to do.

obedience- We all have to listen to the leaders because they think if we don’t then we will mess up the plants in the garden.

fundamental attribution error- Some of the leaders like to put their own personal opinions of why some teachers do something in the club so they can explain to the other club members of why an event is ran this way or something similar.

self-serving bias- A girl in the group always likes to put others down and have negative comments to say about them, but she always has positive comments to say about herself.

group think- Some of the members in our club are so consumed with their cliques in the club that they don't really socialize to other club members which causes a drift with in the club.

group polarization- One time in the club the teacher split us up into groups and one of the groups got into a fight because they didn't like each other and the teacher had to come over to them and find out what was wrong and she helped mediate them to common ground.

What Garden Club Does

We are a group who plants flowers all over the school