Older Two's Room

Ms. Jo & Miss Terribeth

Day Two

We are happy to say that things are going well here in the older two's room on the second day! We have a great group of kids! The kids are adjusting very well, and they are happy to be at school! This is going to be an awesome year!

Painting fun! (And Ms. Missy stops in to say hello! :) )

A few notes

     We had a lot of fun painting today! We want to try and protect the kids clothes from paint, so if you could bring in an old shirt (A bigger one is better, maybe an old tshirt of dads or an older sibling?) that we can slip over them before we paint we will gladly use them! Be sure to put their name inside it! The paint we used today is washable, but not all of them are. We are also asking for you to bring in a family photo that we can hang up. The kids are adjusting and doing fabulous, but a family picture is nice if they ever do feel sad! :) We will hang these up where the kids can see them! Thanks. We are busy working on pottying for our friends who are ready. We recommend having several outfit changes in their cubby just in case we need to make a few changes a day. We also have occasional lunch spills that require a change! :)