the kind and giving

By: Kaysan

Mr.Tumnus will always be nice
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About Me

I live in Narnia and I am a faun and I live in a cave. I work for the White Witch and I kidnap sons and daughters of Eve. I am ashamed of this becuase my father would never have done this.

When I hear Aslan's Name...

When I hear Aslans name I fell sudenly happy. I feel as if I will never be sad again. I

feel as if the White Witch's rein will end now. I feel suddenly as if the White Witch was never born and that happiness will never end.

Father Christmas's Gifts

If I got a gift from Father Christmas I would want a picture of Lucy to remind me to always be good. Peter got a sword and shield that had red lion on it. Susan got a bow and arrow. Lucy got a bottle of elixer to heal anything and a dagger.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is when lucy said: "I think you are a very good Faun." becuase it makes me feel happy to be called a good Faun after all I have done.

Link To a Site

Here is a link to a place with nonmagical animals like me:
these animals are like me but they aren't part man. They are like my half brothers.


This is a picture of my cave bellow. I live in here because it is warm and is passed down from father to son. Sadly it was wrecked when Maugrim the head of the secret police came in to take me he broke the door and slashed my father's picture to shreds.

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