Plate Boundaries

By the DPA (Disaster Prevention Association)

How Plates Cause Earthquakes.

Earthquakes form by something called Plate Tectonics. Plate tectonics is a theory about pieces of the crust creating earthquakes. There are three ways plate tectonics create earthquake.

#1 Divergent Plate Boundaries.

First, plates move apart. Molten rock and magma come to the surface and cool as lava. This lava creates new crust. This is called a divergent plate boundary.

Forms---- Earthquakes,Ridges and Faults

#2 Subduction Plate Boundaries.

Other times one plate will grind under another plate while the other plate slides upward. This is called Subduction.

Forms------ Mountains,Volcanoes,Faults and Earthquakes

#3 Transform Plate Boundaries.

And other times two plates will grind past each other.Some lava might seep through this crack and covers the faults.

Forms---- Earthquakes and Faults

What Happened on May, 31, 1970 in Ancash, Peru?

The South American plate subducted the Nazca plate, causing a short but destructive earthquake in the Ancash region. This earthquake also caused an avalanche in Yungay.