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February 2017 Vol. 4 No. 3

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Giving Teachers Feedback They Deserve!

As educators, we know the importance of feedback. So what are the components of quality feedback? It is critical to note that effective feedback is information shared regarding performance in reaching the ultimate goal. It isn't 'Good Job!', or 'Keep it up!', but specific, timely, comments regarding best practices for teaching. In the ASCD publication Education Leadership, author Grant Wiggins explains that feedback should be:

  • Goal-Oriented,
  • Tangible and Transparent,
  • Actionable,
  • Timely & Consistent, and
  • On-Going.

John Hattie's research on Visible Learning provides significant insight on the power of quality feedback. Consider these guidelines for giving quality feedback to your teachers!

  1. Feedback should be task-focused, not teacher-focused.
  2. Give details in manageable, detailed bites (dollops of feedback!).
  3. Provide feedback in a safe environment; it can lead to higher performance.
  4. Probing questions are a great way to facilitate self-reflection; many eWalkThrough® systems provide carefully crafted, customized, and pre-loaded comments for use by observers.
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