Want a job forever?!

Become a parent!

Job Requirements

  • Must be above the age of 25
  • Must have stable job and income
  • Democratic-Passive parenting style
  • Ability to work under high stress
  • Very responsible
  • Being playful and childish is recommended

Great, and not so great, reasons to be a parent

  • Free hugs and kisses with unconditional love
  • Lack of sleep for the first few years (5 hours on average)
  • Less time to spend with your significant other
  • You get to see them grow up and become successful adults
  • You'll feel extremely accomplished for all the work you've done
  • Less time to sit down and relax
  • Additional company if you're ever feeling lonely
  • Great playmates
  • Have to give up on your own needs for theirs sometimes

What a child needs

What every child needs

  • Interaction-Interaction drastically impacts a child's life even directly from birth
  • Touch- It's how children learn new things at a very young age and can show they're loved
  • Stabile relationships- Learning can be very difficult without love from a mother/father
  • A Safe and Healthy Environment- Make sure nothing hazardous from the environment can harm the child
  • Self-esteem- It takes some time for the child to control their feelings
  • Quality Childcare- You need someone to take care of your kids during work
  • Communication- To help them learn how to express what they need early on
  • Play- Play is the biggest way a child learns
  • Music- It greatly helps the child with math, logic, and also self-confidence
  • Reading- It helps the imagination of a child and teaches them a life skill