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Online Doctoral Dissertation to extend the ongoing recruitment of new writers by one month

Los Angeles, CA 2h April, 2015 - Online Doctoral Dissertation, a leading and highly rated doctoral dissertation writer in the market has announced that indeed it has extended the ongoing recruitment of new writers by one extra months in order to pave way for better vetting in the coming few weeks. The recruitment drive which was supposed to be completed this month will now be done and dusted in February.

Online Doctoral Dissertation has all the same stated categorically that the process has been going on smoothly and the extension is simply an administrative issue that in the long run will make it possible and perhaps even easier for it to recruit only the best. The doctoral dissertation expert is confident that with a one month extension the entire recruitment process will be completed in time and only the best candidate will make it into its shortlist.

For the past three months Online Doctoral Dissertation has been conducting a rigorous recruitment drive that is geared towards improving its capacity as a leading doctoral dissertation writing services. The company notes that meeting the massive demand in the market is not easy and with a huge number of post graduate students now looking up to it for quality dissertation, it is only fair to expand its writing capacity.

The company has assured its customers that once the recruitment drive is completed successful candidates will be unveiled officially so that customers can start taking advantage of this new found expertise and workforce. Online Doctoral Dissertation is confident that with an expanded writing team it will be possible to deliver its quality help in writing the doctoral dissertation to all customers who need it.

All the same, the firm notes that its current team of writers has been doing great to meet the ever rising customer orders and anyone in need of quality help in dissertation writing can always count on it. The company is expected to remain a force in professional doctoral dissertation proposal writing once the brand new team of writers is appointed. For more information please get in touch with the firm through

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