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Shout Outs!!

Thank you to everyone that made me feel loved and appreciated on Paraprofessional Day! You are all amazing and I LOVE working with each of you! Dawn

Thanks 5th grade for my sweet surprise! You guys ROCK!! Ann

Shout out to all the teachers who were chosen by my architect friends…you know who you are. Thank you for answering their questions and (some of you) countless emails. They’re excited to build your dream houses! -- Erika

Shout out to Gailanne for special ordering books that I know my students will love! –Erika

Thank You Inga for making my day extra special on Wednesday!- Sharon

Shout out to everyone for making me feel so appreciated for School Librarians’ Day! It was like a birthday, but better because I wasn’t reminded that I’m getting older! What an honor it is to work at Lakeview! Love y’all!! Gailanne

Thank you Ann for always being a ray of sunshine. I love that you are always cheerful. You make Lakeview a brighter place. Jenny

Shout out to my team- they have been my rock, my prayer warriors, and my saving grace through all of this pregnancy stuff. Thank you so much for always having my back and loving me so much. I love you three more than I can say! If it's a girl I feel like I need to name her TamiKimHeidi Edwards. ❤️

Congratulations to Mrs. Vopelak on her retirement! We will all miss seeing you every day but are so excited for your new chapter. Our team won’t be the same without you!!

Thank you to everyone who showed love to my assistants this week! They truly help our students do their best and be a part of this school through extremely hard work that not everyone wants to do. We couldn’t do it without them! Rachel

Thanks to the third grade team for an exciting “thank you” this week! You truly know how to make us feel special! Rachel

Kid Wisdom

Student: Okay guys, let’s figure out what our strengths are and divide the jobs up that way. I’ve discovered I’m good at getting paint all over my new shirt.

A first grader told me I was almost as tall as he was!!!! hmpf!!!!!

Professional Reading